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Monday, August 31st, 2009
10:56 pm
this is for real.
tomorrow = more real life.

Current Mood: anxious

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Sunday, November 30th, 2008
5:21 pm
but she's cool like a soda can sitting on ice...
i need to update really bad.

Current Mood: crazy

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Friday, July 18th, 2008
9:11 pm
your worst inhibitions tend to psych you out in the end...
its july....

so its officially more than halfway through july already...its going by so fast...
ive been keeping busy though, babysitting random times during the week, keeping the house clean and doing other random things...
weekends: lots of parties!

first weekend in july was the 4th of july party...it was a lot of fun..in contributed a whole five people to the party, but all fun and games none the less..
then we had an 80s party last weekend that was lots of fun too, stayed up until 4 am...
this weekend i have a bbq at stevens and the weekend after that im heading to the shore!
then just like that its august!

then i go to see maroon 5 and counting crows!
then relaxing for a week before going to see livia in ohio..
then back to school!

just like that, another summer all over, and senior year begins...
crazy crazy!

Current Mood: crazy

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Friday, June 27th, 2008
9:55 pm
in a moment, everything can change...
i am officially aunt mandy!!!

livia juilanne
born June 25, 2008 at 2:31 pm
7 lb 8 oz, 20 in long


Current Mood: excited

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Thursday, May 8th, 2008
2:02 am
i like where we are, when we drive in your car...


i am ready for summer...
but i actually dont want school to end...i never thought id say it...but i am going to miss everyone here waay too much :(

but of course it makes me extremely excited and over joyed to see everyone i dont get to see during the school year...

i feel like ive changed so much this year...

Current Mood: scared

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Saturday, April 5th, 2008
4:37 pm
oh everybody, devil take your money, cuz moneys got no hold on me...

my phone came today!!!
and at the same time the internet finally started working again!! so double yay!!!

and i hate studying!!!


Current Mood: crazy

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Friday, April 4th, 2008
8:06 pm
better days are shining through...

wow...weirdest week ever...

monday: started out okay, and pretty entertaining...we bottled our wine in our biochem lab...a very funny experience...i was in charge of swishing the cleaning stuff inside the bottles before they were filled...and then i labeled them once they were corked...we only had one spill catastrophe when someone walked in, and steven who was syphoning the wine into the bottles got distracted and let one of the bottles over flow and it went all over the floor....it was all an absolutely hilarious experience until our creepster teacher came in and made it just awkward...but still, always GREAT times...then classes after that went well...and then for some reason when i got back i was soo overly productive and did like every possible amount of work that i could...i got soo much accomplished...

tuesday: long day with 6 hours of chemistry...i got my test back, i was happy i didnt fail it...then had lab, always boring but my group is actually ahead and we got out pretty early...so i had time to relax before my next class...i got my quiz back and did very well on it so i was happy :) then when i got home, ate some dinner and then played some basketball because it was soo beautiful out...and then we rewarderd ourselves with some ritas...oh so delicious...i was in a very happy mood...

wednesday: woke up and had a very nice time at the gym...went to lunch and meetings which were both fun...then came home and got ready for the phillies game!! i was soo soo excited to go...sadly the game was pretty boring and not a very exciting one...and it got cold but we did get FREE tshirts and dollar dogs which were good...although, i also lost my phone at the game...it fell out of my pocket when i was going up the stairs....we didnt get home too late but i was exhausted and we also found out that mary has mono...so was a very long and weird/random day....

thursday: woke up to an im from my sister: call home! the phillies found your phone! so i got to call this guy at the phillies and leave him a message, then he called me back on sams phone and so they are mailng my phone to me :) then i registered for classes..got everything i needed to...did some studying...went to class...but i ended up leaving my education class early because i was completely overly exhausted and didnt feel well at all...came home and ate dinner then took a nap...then went to blake's club event which was a showing of freedom writers...it was a very good movie...came home and went right to bed...

friday: woke up today feeling better, and i was determined to feel better so i put socks on that say 'happy' ...bought some tickets to go see maroon 5 on august 7th! so im really excited about it...then went to school, walked into the chem building and found 20 dollars on the ground...picked up and was like 'what?' and was in shock...and i didnt know what to do with it...but i went to class and got some opinions and was going to tell the office...but then my friend amanda was really upset and angry with the chem department...so to spite it she told me to keep the 20 dollars...crazy...then went to lab, which was pretty fun...we all bonded trying to fill out the crossword puzzle in the wall street journal that was like impossible...my two favorite questions: 'response to a baby photo' 'AWW'.....'reaction to boo!' 'AHHH' ....i think those were great answers :D it was fun...and what else are you supposed to do when you have to let your chemicals reflux/react for an hour? after lab we had class...wasnt too too bad...and we got out 20 minutes early...came home, and saddened that my phone didnt arrive yet...i watched some tv..and watched FRIENDS!! which i have not watched in AGES and laughed hysterically at like every single joke...ate some yummy dinner...now im thinking about how i SHOULD be doing work, but im not going to...not until tomorrow...but i do have to study and work on my presentation like woah...big big week coming up!

i hope everyone else is doing well...

the end

Current Mood: crazy

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Monday, March 31st, 2008
9:04 pm
days go by, i can feel them flying like my hand out the window with the wind...
march is over already!! yikes! and here comes april...
i LOVE the upcoming warm weather...but so scary with only one more year left! eek!

hope all is well with everyone :)

Current Mood: productive

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Friday, February 22nd, 2008
3:36 pm

snow day with no test and i'm 21!!
can we say awesome birthday?


Current Mood: chipper

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Tuesday, January 29th, 2008
11:29 pm
you got me tripping, stumbling, flipping, fumbling...
a real update?!?!?!??

i know amazing as it sounds...i think im going to do it!!
so life has been pretty crazy...here we are january of 2008...this journal was started ages and ages ago and now we are getting so old and turning 21...seriously...we started this when we were 16! its soo crazy how much time flies...it takes a lot to adjust to getting old...kind of a scary thing...but also very exciting...

so the spring semester is on the way...i was soo unbelievably excited for this semester...and it kind of turned on me...i had a huge crisis with scheduling and the fact that im was supposed to be taking a third chem class this semester and had no idea...and if it wasnt pointed out to me i wouldnt have been able to graduate on time...so after much distress i finally had to suck it up and take a third chemistry class this semester with the professor that i did horrible with last semester...the only thing that saves me is laughing to myself at the whole situation...but everything happens for a reason and its not too bad....

biochemistry: not bad, kind of a joke...i have the professor that i had for orgo 2 and hated, but i did get an A in his class, so no real complaints...plus i have an excellent friend base in the class that we always have such a great time together...so, so far so good...

separations science: the class i am forced to take with the asian professor that is often times hard to understand, his lectures are EXTREMELY boring and labs are pretty intense...especially with today when we didnt even finish and i had to leave because i had class and left this poor kid to finish up all the work and clean up...oh well...

inorganic chemistry: not bad, ive had this professor before too...so far everything we've learned is pretty basic and review...but he is actually assigning homework to hand in so i dont know how i feel about that...haha first real lab is on friday and good friends in this class as well...so we always know how to have a good time

historical and political context of schools: sounds interesting doesnt it? ha! such a bore...teacher is like 80 years old and goes off on tangents that are completely unrelated while talking...only had one intro class, so we'll see how class goes on thursday...

social life:
things at the house are pretty great...ever since we all had to band together to find a new housemate i feel like it just brought us all together...and there have been some other things as well that have really just brought us together where we can just spend hours talking...its just a really comforting feeling...
i also have this amazing group of people in my classes that pretty much get me through each day...last semester i feel changed me soo much, and i got soo close with people that i never even really talked to the semester before that....its crazy...and we've also formed a mini party crew that is great for the times when you just need to let loose and have some fun...
of course cant forget my homies :D winter break was pretty much amazing and i loved seeing everyone repeatedly because we had a semester of like no contact but it made the reunions that much more special...
i feel like i have an addiction to friends, and just thinking about fun times of the past and things yet to come...lately ive just found myself thinking of some past good times and just laughing to myself, or ill just start smiling for no reason and be creepy...but its that feeling thats just so refreshing and really makes me appreciate things...especially when things get difficult, which ive also just gotten better at with sharing my feelings and not keeping things so bottled up...just being able to share thoughts sometimes is a great release....

future events:
yes this semester is crazy...but my weekends are booked until spring break...so its GREAT to always have something to look forward too :D
feb 1st - PA to visit the cousins! havent seen them since october so i cant wait!!
feb 8th - steve's 21st birthday party
feb 15th - home for my birthday
feb 22nd - MY 21ST BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
feb 29th - triple threat birthday bash..haha
mar 7th - AC to celebrate more for our 21st birhtdays and spring break!!

so as long as im calm, life is pretty sweet...

<3 AP!!

Current Mood: thoughtful

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Monday, December 31st, 2007
6:24 pm

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Friday, November 30th, 2007
6:48 pm

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Thursday, October 18th, 2007
8:38 pm
everything will be wonderful someday...

im hoping everything will get better..i know it will but all day today i just felt dragged down...
i cried three times today from stress and its still early yet...
i can barely even eat anything because i have so much anxiety i feel nautious all the time...
exhaustion, stress, too much to do, no time to do it, need to relax, spend every moment doing work...
its all building up...its fall break...which i have no time for a break...

ive made it so far...the semester is halfway done....but it just gets harder and harder every day....
i need some motivation...

and stress just gets worse when thinking about the future and how close it is...

its hard to buckle down and get things done when everyone around you is out having fun...
(no rhyme intentional)

im just gonna keep trying to take deep breaths...


Current Mood: crushed

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Sunday, September 30th, 2007
8:48 pm
days go by...
time goes fast 

Current Mood: stressed

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Saturday, August 25th, 2007
6:38 pm
the sun is in the sky oh why would i want to be anywhere else?
well, thats not exactly the case...

soo..back to school already :/
i dont know how i really feel about this...im anxious nervous excited...im sitting in my room at my house at school...pretty much extremely bored and exhausted from having moved all my stuff in and just waiting for everyone else to come tomorrow...and taras just been finishing up her organization...so its just me...
im ready to go back to school, but it just makes me extremely sad that summer is over because i will miss it soo much and i miss it already...especially my cousins because everything just went by so fast...

from six flags, fall out boy concert, cindys grad party, jonas brothers concert/hershey park, a week with my cousins in pa, working, phillies game and club 27, avalon for two weeks, my cousins wedding, partying, another six flags attempt, and the relaxation...it was a fulfilling summer but i hate feeling like it went by too fast and i didnt get everything out of it that i wanted to...

weirdness...this is a random entry...but just needed a nice monthly update :P


Current Mood: hopeful

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Friday, July 20th, 2007
11:04 pm
da da da daa, da da daa, da da da da da daa, da da daaaa....
that would be the lois and clark theme song...

so im super super excited...this week has been pretty much amazing...
i got to see ashlen like every day which was greatness as we plotted for pats birthday surprise adventure...and then we all hung out on wednesday...fondued adn watched harry potter and went to go see the fifth movie, which was AMAZING and id go see it a trillion more times if i had the time and money...plus daniel radcliffe got very very nice looking...and through the whole movie i was just thinking 'aww poor harry potter!' i felt so bad for him...and tonight we went to go see hairspray...which was really really good...its not the same as the play, but still very enjoyable and the ending is just so exciting and makes me want to burst out singing and dancing...looove it! and tomorrow i go to avalon which i can not wait for, the time i wait for all year is finally here...i live for these days down the shore with my cousins...and the beach and the ocean and sooo much!! gosh i just cant stop smiling thinking about it...haha and i really should be packing right now but im not...instead im making sure the movie i made with my cousisn saved correctly and my cat is laying on top of my arms...haha

okay i guess i should atleast attempt to pack...
its july!!!! whooot!


Current Mood: ecstatic

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Monday, June 25th, 2007
4:36 pm
time for me to fly, time for me to soar, time for me to open up my heart and knock on heavens door..

im in pa visiting my cousins this week and i went to hersehy park yesterday and we saw they jonas brothers which they were good and we had GREAT seats so they were human size!! hehe fun times...

anywho..thats all for now..bye bye

Current Mood: full

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Monday, May 14th, 2007
10:50 pm
ba, ba ba, ba da ba...ba ba da ba, ba da da daa...da da...
haha thats my imitation of the lord of the rings instrumental music....

so it is summer vacation...yay!! and so far i havent done too much, did some reading...did some super vaccuuming in my room, which was much needed and now im in the midst of unpacking...still have LOTS to do...and major cleaning of the house..its coming along slowly...but atleast its going...and i got to visit with my cousins for a couple hours this past saturday, and it was amazingness like every other time we get to hang out...it was seriously only for like 4 hours or so, which makes it soo much harder to leave...and im missing them soo much already its so sad! and we cry everytime we leave eachother...but this time it wasnt too bad because i know that im going to be seeing them at cindys grad party and then im going home with them to stay for a whole week! and i am soo unbelievably excited for that...yay summer!

this summers events:
-six flags, may 17
-sam's house, may 18
-avalon, may 25-27
-dance recital, june 16
-work: monday-thursday, 8-6, starting june 21st
-graduation party, june 23
-vacationing with cousins, june 23-june 30 --including hershey park and jonas brothers concert!
-avalon, july 21-30 --including christmas in july!
-cousins wedding, july 28
-avalon, august 2-5

and of course more six flaggin', more tcnj reunions, and moving in to school, and partying it up at the house!
and other more exciting events and good times with great people..but doing some work and good projects in between...

but im overly excited for everything that will be happening this summer!
and its only been a few days but im loving every minute of it...
and so far i got most of my grades and im very satisfied :D

okay, more updates soon!

<3 A

Current Mood: excited

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Friday, April 13th, 2007
8:57 pm
if i could escape...
mad craziness!! 27 days til summer vaca, but its tough getting there...somehow i ended up not doing like any work today which was really really bad, i have a major chem test on monday and im going to study ALL day tomorrow and sunday because i need it, im sooo clueless as to whats going on in that class and i also have a paper due on monday...so yuck! but after monday it should be much smoother sailing, gosh i can not wait...summer is so close i can almost taste it, except for all this freakishly cold weather all the time...and i registered for my semester of death next year...fun fun...

happy april!


Current Mood: worried

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Thursday, March 1st, 2007
1:48 pm
you are my passion for life...
happy march! 

oh boy does time fly by...my class tonight is cancelled again so its my weekend already..which is crazy...i do have A LOT of work to do this weekend though, so hopefully that will all go well...
thats all i have to say for now..


Current Mood: satisfied

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